My dear members of our Antonian Family,

Greetings in the Lord.

Thank you very much for your support and valuable contribution in the past.  The feeling that we are one makes us go in the right direction and helps us to grow.

Let us grow in the same spirit and work towards the development of our College and thus the Antonian family.

Some of the immediate needs of the College:

- Payments for six volunteer teachers ($30.00 x 6 x 12)
- Public Announcement System (P.A. System) ($1500.00)
- Scholarships for best students (Approx. $1500.00/student)
- Football (soccer) equipments for four teams ($600.00 x 4 = $2400.00)
- P.T squad uniforms for 30 students ($1500.00)
- Playground development ($5000.00)
- Basketball Court ($1430.00)
- Bicycle shed ($1250.00)
- Maintenance of the furniture per year ($1000.00)
- Maintenance of the black boards ($250.00)
- Maintenance of the building ($1500.00)
- Wire Mesh - Wire Fencing around the Play Ground ($2000.00)
- Quarters for teachers
- Books for the library
- Computers and other equipment for the computer lab
- 15 sets of computers
- 1 Multimedia projector
- Network Printer
- All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax
- Central Network Server Host Computer
- Ethernet Cables

May God Bless You and I wish you a successful 2004.

Fr. J.A. Jesuthas
St. Antony's College
12 Jan. 2004