With the Help of expatriate Students of SAC
The OSA of Canada has established a system to support and enrich the students at SAC, Kayts. Under this system, we have various projects for the betterment of SAC. One of the projects is ARMSGIVING AT SAC.

Under this project, while we celebrate or commemorate an event in the country we live in, we donate a little sum to feed the students in need at SAC, Kayts. The Rector will also say a special Mass in favour of the event and/or individual in focus, and and the students and staff will join in the prayers for this special intention.

The name and country of origin will be announced in the assembly and a lunch will be served in favour of the wellwisher.

We request all the members to keep this in mind when remembering various events, including birthdays, newborns, wedding anniversaries, 1st Holy Communion, Teenage Parties, Age Attendance, Death remembrance or 31st Day remembrance, Further yearly remembrances and anything else that would require a pillar of prayers and mental satisfaction.

MORAL OF THE STORY: We need to feed the people who are really in need of food; not the ones with ample of it.

So, Let's make it work, Antonians:

Here's the list of individuals with huge hearts that have already contributed to this Project:

1. 31st Day Remembrance of Mrs.Elizabeth Ratnasamy (Aug 05, 1932 - Feb 09, 2005)
    - Remembrance Mass and lunch for SAC students at Kayts on April 01, 2005

2. 1st Holy Communion of Sangeeth Quintus (May 01, 2005)
    - Thanksgiving Mass and lunch for SAC students at Kayts on June 03, 2005

3. 31st Day Remembrance of Mr.Parnando Mariampillai (Aug 04, 1941 - Jan 23, 2006)
    - Remembrance Mass and lunch for SAC students at Kayts - to be delivered.

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