Renowned Principal of St.Anthony's College, Mr.S.A.E.Ratnarajah was called to rest on the 20th of May 2004.

Born                                                Called to Rest

May 27, 1935                                     May 20, 2004

Mr. Ratnarajah was called to rest on May 20th 2004.  Born and raised in Karampon, Mr. Ratnarajah has devoted his entire life to the well-being of St.Anthony's College, Kayts and St. Sebastian Church, Karampon. Renowned Principal of St. Anthony's College, Kayts, Mr. Ratnarajah has been the figure of authority and love for all his dear students.  His sudden departure has shaken the Antonians around the world and in particular the Karampon communities. Refusing to reside abroad, Mr. Ratnarajah has completed his journey of life in his Karampon residence. 

He will be deeply missed by his beloved wife, daughters, son-in-laws and grandchildren.          

Antonians world-wide mourn the loss of a great man loved and respected by all.

Mr.Ratnarajah was Lord’s Work of Art

Sometimes, God is quite remarkable,
you can see his artistic talent all around,
you can see the majesty in His work,
in every being, every happening, every sound.

And at times He excels himself,
and makes a dolphin or a bird of paradise,
or He creates someone with so much talents and vision,
that you'd never meet anyone who's even half as nice.

And that's how we think of Mr.Ratnarajah,
a soul, chock full of warmth, love and spirit,
he had a wonderful outlook on life,
love it, live it, but most of all, be in it.

Master was the best for many,
because his heart was bigger than his chest,
and we truly believe he loved everyone,
especially the pupil at St.Anthony’s.

He always had a clear vision,
and it was always to hope for the best for SAC,
how we miss him, his smile, his enthusiasm,
his energy, his laughter and his diplomacy.

Master was optimistic about teams ‘SAC’,
and he always knew when a match was due,
he'd get so excited when he watched them,
they were always top, those boys in blue and gold.

And we know God was proud of His work,
and He too, didn't want to spend anymore time apart,
because beauty is always in the eye of the beholder,
and Mr.Ratnarajah was truly beautiful, God’s work of art.

May his soul rest in eternal Peace!!