Fr S Arulnesan Nicholapillai was born in Sillalai, Jaffna, on 18 September 1912. He became an OMI Catholic Priest in his late 30's.

Fr Aulnesan took over from Fr William Jesuthasan who was then Rector of St Anthony's College, Kayts. During a short period from 1950 to 52, he was inspirational in building up the future of SAC. Fr.Arulnesan was the mastermind and instrument behind the initiation of the Science Laboratory at SAC. He was then transferred to St Patrick's College and was a Rector there from 1954 to 1960 as the first native Rector after Fr.TMF Long.

Fr Arulnesan a worthy successor of Fr TMF Long studiously and scrupulously maintained the great and noble traditions of the college, especially in the matter of discipline set by his predecessor and laid a solid foundation for the catholic education described by many as forerunner of a new age.

As the guardian of our history, he kept us in contact with our roots where at that time there were many changes in the sphere of education in Sri Lanka. Due to Swabhasha the medium of instruction changed from English to Tamil. He introduced an education based on Eastern ideals and culture.

Fr. Arulnesan passed away on Feb 03 in Colombo . He was taken to the hospital the previous night after having some breathing problems and died peacefully of heart failure. He was 93 and a great friend of many teachers and studnets. He was Rector of St. Antony's from 1950 before he went to St.Patricks. His funeral will be on Monday 6/2/06.

There will be a Mass on Monday at St.Antony's, Kayts and at St Patrick's College, Jaffna, and both schools will close soon afterwards as a mark of respect for the noble Rectorship rendered by Fr.S.N.Arulnesan, OMI. 

Here in Canada, we will have a commemorate Mass for the repose of his soul, on Sunday, February 12 at 4:30 pm at St.Joseph's Tamil Parish (Queen & Leslie) No. 172 Leslie Rd, Toronto. The Mass is organized by both St.Patrick's and St.Antony's Old Students' Associations together. All the students are requested hereby to attend the Mass.

Rev.Fr.S.Arulnesan Nicholapillai
Former Rector of St.Antony's College, Kayts

18 Sept 1912 - 03 Feb 2006
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